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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - Part 9

Originally Posted by Kal-El.9859 View Post
what did you find?
As I said he was just crouching/kneeling on a surface I couldn't identify. Kinda looked like there was water on the ground or something, which is why I guessed a beach. It honestly looked quite 'shopped, though, like he was copy/pasted there, which is why I suspicious.

EDIT: Found it again.

Like I said, the 'shopping looked a little too dubious for it to be official, but I hadn't seen it before, so I wasn't sure. Cool manip, though.

VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:

01000110011011110111001000100000011001010111011001 10010101110010011110010010000001100001011101000110 11110110110100100000011000100110010101101100011011 11011011100110011101101001011011100110011100100000 01110100011011110010000001101101011001010010000001 10000101110011001000000110011101101111011011110110 01000010000001100010011001010110110001101111011011 10011001110111001100100000011101000110111100100000 01111001011011110111010100101110

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