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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

It isn't about not having a focal point. It is about giving each character respect and a purpose. In the Avengers, though I don't find it perfect, it legitimatizes each character and gives them a role in the film. Whether it is Thor's connection to Loki, Hulk being the trump card, or Captain bringing the leadership and representing the best mankind has to offer, each character had a reason to be there. Even Black Widow, though I admit it is a bit if stretch.

There are beautiful character moments for everyone that fit them and does not devalue the others. Think Thor's reaction to the Hulk's punch or Hulk's reaction to that one shot with Mjolnir. After Tony's witty remark about being rich and a ladies man, Captain simply tells him to put on the "Suit". He is going to handle it 1940s style and it leaves each character with their awesomeness intact.

Did anyone ever feel like Scott actually got the upper hand on Wolverine in his relationship with Jean? Did anyone ever feel like she actually loved him?

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