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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
I got the impression he ran down to his armor room during the mansion attack and changed.
With Extremis armor, Tony doesn't have to change into the suit anymore; it just "materializes" around his body.

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
For some reason I don't see the Mandarin as the kind of foe who would get his hands dirty unless and until he felt it absolutely necessary. He's not like Vanko, who got down and dirty immediately. Mandarin would be likelier to wait until all else failed before coming after Tony himself. That's why I doubt that the Lego set is accurate. The toy manufacturer's goal is to make the main villain part of the action for sell the set, which could entail embellishing on the action in the film. I could be wrong, though. We'll see.
RDJ and Kingsley are known to have had at least one or two face-to-face meetings on set, so Mandarin might not be a behind-the-scenes kind of guy anymore. But yeah, we'll just have to find out.

There are other explanations for Tony being relieved to get out of the armor, if that is indeed how he felt. The armor was obviously battered and possibly malfunctioning in that scene. He would be relieved that it had enough power left to release him because otherwise he would have been trapped in a malfunctioning suit of armor in the middle of a freezing cold night like a modern-day Tin Woodsman. The prospect of that happening must be a nightmare scenario for anyone who wears the Iron Man armor.

It's also possible that after having been battered and beaten in that suit of armor, Tony was more than ready to get out of it. It was in obvious need of repairs and he was obviously injured to some extent, so his wanting out of it makes sense.
Malfunctioning or no, I think he'd want to stay in the suit in a strange place in snowy weather just for basic protection and warmth, if nothing else. It's a pretty desparate move to ditch the armor and drag it behind you, and to prefer freezing to death over getting back into that suit.


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