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Default Re: The Official Thor 2 Fan Art & Manip thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
idk. I mean, that first picture looks NOTHING like Surtur. Don't want horns to be part of armor. He shouldn't need armor. He's a giant, and the ruler of muspelheim. In that picture he's fat, and too small. I figured he'd be smaller in the MCU. But not smaller like 80 feet. He should still easily be oer 150 feet tall. The only thing resembling Surtur in that first image is the sword. You can't tell me you would be happy with that being the final result..would you??
Well Surtur in MYTH was described as being man-LIKE in form but covered in black soot. Besides if Marvel's trying to make him more explainable that wouldn't be too far off IMO

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