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Default Re: Star Trek Into Darkness - Part 4

Originally Posted by Hulk1968 View Post
Like the Joker, Loki or this guy.

Whatever his name may or not be.

"Please catch me so I can mess with your mind, then destroy you from the inside!"

EDIT: You know what would be freaking hilarious?

Finding out Cumberbatch isn't Khan, but Gary Mitchel instead
What little clues there are could be seen to point to Mitchell..

1) One of the films writers have said he is someone from Trek Canon.
In terms of well known figures that doesn't leave a whole lot from the TOS era (unlikely they'd do another time travel deal after the 1st one). So we have Khan, Mitchell, and a maybe a couple of Klingons Kirk faced off against. If it's someone more obscure it could anyone who made an appearance in the old series (for example TOS had a crew member named "Harrison" who appeared in a number of episodes, including Khan's 'Space Seed').

2) Urban did call Cumberbatch's character Gary Mitchell, but recanted that shortly afterwards saying he was knackered from a 22 hour flight before that interview. Being tired did he simply mistake the name or did he slip up and let that cat out of the bag?

3) The comic book writer has said issue 1 of his comics holds a hint to this film. That dealt with this new timeline's handling of Mitchell (afaik the films writers are not considering anything the comics do outside of the official prequel books as canon, so if they want to do Mitchell completely differently they obviously can).

Biggest argument against all this though would be that Mitchell was American, and Cumberbatch is obviously playing this with his British accent intact.

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