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Default Re: The Ultimate DC/Marvel Tournament - Part 4

Yeah? And?

He could probably hack Stark Tech too.

I mean, that really goes into the concept of how awesome Batman is than whether or not the Apoclyptian tech is worth a damn. I mean, he hacked Space God technology. That's pretty GD awesome. Took him some years, money, and clandestine infiltrations, but he did it. Unless you're talking about that business with that Supergirl thing from Superman/Batman.....cuz then all he really did there was turn on some bombs.

Has Starks armor ever fended off a hack from a Celestial? If it has, then I guess Cyborg wouldn't have much luck either......but seeing as it hasn't, and in fact has been hacked by everybody from Asian mathematicians to Skrulls, I'm gonna go ahead and say that it would go down easy to Space God Tech.

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