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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

Batman Begins for several reasons, Bale didn't overdo the voice in this one, Batman was actually intimidating, the docks scene is the best in the entire series and the journey in the film is fantastic. Not to me toon that this is the only film in the trilogy that really geeks like a Batman film to me.

Second place is the Dark Knight, definitely the best villain in Heath Ledger's Joker, done if the most jaw dropping moments in the series but its 20 minutes too long, they should have just cut the scenes with the boats and the Two Face ending just never really sat right with me

Last place is the Dark Knight Rises, while its an awesome film and definitely the best 3rd film in any comic book series, the plot of him not been Batman for 8 years bothers the hell out if me, the lack of Batman scenes there was too much focus on other characters and the fact that Batman doesn't really get to defeat Bane bothers be (as it did in Knightfall). It also features two of the worst performances in the whole series with Matthew Modine as Foley and Marion Cottilard as Miranda Tate. Again while I like the John Blake ending I don't like that this ended a Bond like potential series.

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