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Default Do You Think Commissioner Gordan Suffers from Depression?

I feel bad for Commissioner Gordan because I think he is suffering/suffered from depression. His wife and kids left him. And Batman left him hanging. And then Bruce Wayne/Batman teased him in the end of TDKR. You can see it is Gordan's face when they reveal the Batman statue at the City Hall.

Of course Gordan loved Gotham City as much as Bruce Wayne did, so I think he is lighted with joy to see his city persevere, but he still lost his best friend.

After Batman took the fall for Harvey Dent's crimes and left, I think Gordan was depressed until the Batman returned in TDKR. Then I think he became depressed again after the Batman died.

Maybe he becomes happy again with John Blake being the Symbol.

What do you guys think? Do you thank Gordan is suffering or suffered from depression? If so, when?

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