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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread

Originally Posted by JosephCAW View Post
might makes sense though, on Krypton everyone apparently has some variation of the Superman suit on, while when they go into battle they wear armor.

On Earth there is no real need for armor since our sun gives them god like powers, Zod decides to tip the scales in his favor and creates his robot army based armor, giving him a push (not really sure why but lets go with it lol). So just to make sure he doesn't get his arse handed to him, Superman hits his belt buckle thingy and his fathers armor does a nano tech assemble thing and ta da, armored Superman vs. armored Zod

I kinda hope the belt buckle thing actually serves as that purpose.....other wise I do think its kind of odd to there.....floating on his mid-section......the toy will look awesome back on topic
Please god, no.

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