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Default Re: What Character do you wish Marvel never created...

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
Mine is Venom. I've never been a fan, and now with the constant identity swapping I see him as pretty much a vaguely Bizzaro-like Spider-Man knock-off and we have plenty of those. Moreover, most of the Spider-"men", many of them, spun off of Venom. Venom, to me is like everything that's wrong with 90s, is very uncreative, and really is only interesting due to Black suit Spidey, but really could've stayed a one-off character.

I'm also not partial to Cable as he's part of the whole continuity mess problem X-Men has.
I'm not a fan of Venom. I felt he had a limited window of relevance that has been pushed way beyond anything tolerable or justifiable. Eddie Brock's initial beef with Spidey-- if you read into it properly-- was way off base to begin with (blames Spidey for being fired from the Daily Globe after his interview with "the Sin Eater" gets debunked when the real killer surfaces elsewhere).. Venom was depicted as murdering and/or maiming several people early on.. then of course by the early 90s he gets abruptly turned into an "anti-hero" character, who incidentally, wants to kill Spider-Man whenever he sees him (how cute!). The battles with Spider-Man were terribly one-sided; it seemed like always only some 11th hour interruption or trickery would win the battle for Spidey; he seemed to never have a clear-cut physical victory with his own strength/skills. I didn't respect him any more when Carnage was created as a "truly insane" counterpoint (who of course, was just recently himself revived, oh, great..) I never respected the alleged sympathetic nature of Brock, cancer or whatever he went through. I don't like "Anti-Venom". I don't like "Toxin". Is "Scream" still alive? The whole symbiote-as-unending-virus-villian is a worn-out story well that just doesn't click anymore, in my book. Time to move on.

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