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Default Re: Do You Think Commissioner Gordan Suffers from Depression?

Originally Posted by TDK elbowstrike View Post
I think depression comes from a feeling of helplessness, which Gordon certainly would have had at the end of TDK. His greatest ally was forced to go on the run and essentially abandon him in a way. Harvey , his second greatest ally, kidnapped his son and completely snapped. Harvey abandoned Gordon for the darkside. Gordons wife packed up the kds and abandoned him as well. Maybe abandonment issues even fueled his depression further.

I think a big part of the Batman mythos is the psychology of the characters. They are all on edge and suffer some sort of mental afflction/disturbance. And i think it is a good catch on your part Shpati to recognize that our dear Comissioner Gordon is not exempt from this. The war on the mob turned war against homicidal clown prince of crime turned fight against former White Knight took its toll on poor Jim.
Thanks! And great post.

So do you think the years of depression he had has been cured at the end of TDKR? (anyone else is free to answer)

As much as I would like to say "yes", I do not think so. He does not have anybody. The city has recovered. Batman is gone. What is he going to do now?

I would have liked a small scenes showing Gordon's family coming back to Gordon. Just like Bruce Wayne, Gordon made a bunch of sacrifices as well. But in the end, Bruce is in Florence with Selina, while Gordon is puzzled in Gotham. I wish it just showed Gordon moving on.

I guess the initial message was that Gordon would continue to protect Gotham with John Blake. But that is not ultimately clear, since John Blake or Bruce could have installed that new flood light.

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