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Default Re: Amazing Spidey Video Game Thread. - - - - - - Part 15

I'm playing this again, and I'm second guessing my choice in considering it my favorite Spider-Man game

I did read Whitney's hallucenogine part on the rats, tried to believe it, but couldn't. I see it is kind of self aware of that foolishness by making Whitney say the origin is unknwn or weird, but it's not properly aware, the rat people shoot acid, it looks like acid, it burns like acid, doesn't look like something else

Treyarch did it right with their earlier free roam games and organic street missions, -I'll use Ultimate Spider-Man for reference- and say; there is a specified amount of street missions needed to go through for a 100% completion of the game, but you can still have an infinite number of those street missions. What Beenox did by forcing you to start a new game to play street missions (stop thugs, save citizens, stop cars, catch snipers...) instead of making them organic is a huge step back

Wall running using the web swing button is fine, problem with the way it's implemented is not allowing Spidey to twist while running and run left or right, Spider-Man 2 did it right, Spider-Man 3 kept it (or returned it after Ultimate removing it), and Web of Shadows kept proper wall running

Charged jumping is done best in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3, it allows long forward jumps there, in Amazing you are only allowed to charge your jump upwards, not the best choice

Combat has a few awkward moves, first two punches are awkward, Spider-Man 2 on PC kind of awkward, same with the first kick, these three attacks look clumsy, the rest of the moves are fine

Street slashers and regular thugs keep calling Spider-Man "kid", I never got why, still don't, sounds ridiculous cause they should not know

Rhino was ignored after Spider-Man threw him in that hole, barely anything about him is given. Rhino trailer was misleading, it made it sound as if Rhino will have more to his story. Maybe there should be, this is after all a movie game, movies games are infamous for being rushed, even the good ones

Ultimate Spider-Man removed poleswinging, but it is there in the rest of the open world Spidey games, then Amazing Spider-Man cancels it again. First it felt alright, but the more I play this game the more I miss poleswing

Hanging thugs from street lamps and flag posts is gone, that is very much like the poleswing thing, I was ok with it not being there, then I grew tired of not having it there

Again, like Spider-Island, what happened to the virus after all people in Manhattan were cured? This thing bothered me since that comic arc, and it still bothers me
Oh, and Smythe got away from the police -possibly- after the cure was spread, you'd think he might get one

Might be nitpicks, but these are things I don't really like in the game, don't hate them, just that they bother me to some degree



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