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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

Originally Posted by RAINMAKER View Post
I can't pick a film. However, I can pick:

Best Story: Batman Begins - I liked the journey Bruce went on before becoming batman. I liked how he was trained by the person that was behind the attacks on Gotham.

Best Villan - Pretty simple, the Joker. However, they could've made Scarecrow more bad ass and the hallucinations were weak. Bane was awesome and Liam Neesen was fantastic as Ra's Al Ghul. Two Face was'nt given enough screen time, but Aaron Eckhart made the most out out of it.

Best Action - The Dark Knight Rises.
What about best/favorite first, second, and third act?

Hands down for me, TDK had the best third act. The one two combination of the prewitt building scene(Batman vs the swat/Jokers thugs and his final showdown with the Joker) and the confrontation with Batman/Gordon vs Two-Face is beyond mesmerizing. Not to mention that ending. TDKR could have easily had this, but some of the things cut out really took away from what would have been an extremely epic climax. Plus Talia's odd death is really off-putting. Still, it's an amazing climax and I could see how for some it would top TDK.

Best second act would probably be a tie between TDK/BB. Might give the slight edge to BB.

I really, really love the first act to TDKR. I found the first act a brilliant and near perfect setup leading up to Bane defeating Batman and his impending takeover of Gotham. Right now I'd go with TDKR first act, but on a objective level I'd give it to BB. That first hour is really something to applaud.

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