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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Well, I've switched up the formula a bit so that instead of denatured alcohol, it uses acetone as the solvent. Acetone evaporates really quickly; it's one of the most volatile liquids you can buy, just behind cyclohexane. Basically, think of this... the stuff mixes when the acetone evaporates, causing the web to form. If you poured some acetone on the ground (1 cubic inch or so), it would be gone within a matter of seconds. And considering we're not shooting 1 cubic inch at a time, and it's not entirely acetone, it will probably take less than a second to dry. I can't be exact though, I've never really precisely timed this kind of thing. But, to answer the question directly, I would expect less than a second, if not, then one second or a little more.

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