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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread

Originally Posted by JosephCAW View Post talking to me??? If so then..........
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
the suit will be nano tech, thats how it will be able to fit him, and that is how he will be able to hide it under his work clothes and such

There were spoilers that revealed this, yes at this point its up in the air on if there true or not, but like I said, the same one that reported about the nano tech reported about the Kryptonian Rifles and Jor-El wearing armor and more which have been revealed to be true.
I was, and thank you. I remember that guy but had forgotten that detail. I think it could work depending on how they handle it. It's hard to fathom, given the naturalistic feel of the trailer, how all of these fantastical elements are going to blend together. I can't wait to see it

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