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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Oh please, they obviously cancelled it. Go back and watch the final episodes of the show. The creative team obviously thought they were going to be getting an additional season to bring the series to 64 episodes when production on season 2 began as they set up numerous plots such as Registration Act and Kree/Skrull war but had to change their plans midway because Loeb and Quesada cancelled it. They only want to capitalize off of the movie and don't care about the fans enough to let EMH run its course.
You have better chances convincing a wall than the vile one. He takes it very personal when someone dares to not like the new marvel animated series. Get ready to a whole lot of this when Hulk and The agents of SMASH debut and people start complaining.

And yes you are right, the showrunners had hoped a new season will come out but things changed once loeb took charge.

Loeb is not trying to destroy what we love, its the whole direction Marvel and DisneyXD are wanting from animated series that is.

So it is not just loeb and quesada. And it hink this is the new trend for animated series, i mean look at Young Justice and Green Lantern, people used to say look at those marvel and look at what you did with Ultimate Spidey, but now they got cancelled.

I think we are in for a lot of disappointments in terms of animated series, whether we are Marvel fans or DC fans. Just like back at the 90's the trend was to make cartoons feel more mature, dark and serious, the 2010's is about making cartoon for young kids, with ADD and cheap humor, that ONLY the kids will enjoy.

I still have hope for avengers Assemble though.

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