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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - Part 10

Originally Posted by EtherMagic View Post
You seem to have much to say? I know what your going through, and not to be rude, but you can be peeved all you want, I have no obligation to you or to anyone to share the pics/info I have, just please be appreciative of the first Pic I posted and we can go from there. I understand you want more, please be patient.

I have a business to take care of along with a woman and 3 children who demand my attention, I'm sorry I can't attend to your wishes on demand.

BTW... I can care less about getting off (laughing at fellow forumers) about anyone wanting more Pics out of me, if I was this way I would have posted this (soon to be "these") pics long ago. Or sold these Pics to a site such as "Nuke the Fridge" a year ago. I'm not like that, I'm not a sell-out.

Have to head out shortly to my restaraunt. I'm not going to put a time-line on when I will post more (will be very soon, I promise, once I get the time to convert these pics), but if you need further evidence if I was on set, you can answer this question for me....???

Now Honestly people, who looks smoother and more suave on these steps... ME or HENRY??? lol My woman promises that I look hella sexier, and I believe her!!! I feel my glasses along with my smooth stance totally trumps Henry's seriousness!

Looking forward to the results!!!!!!

First Henry (since I have the edge!)...

Henry Again

NOW Feast you eye's ladies!!! ME!!!

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