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Default Re: What's your favorite fight in the MCU?

Originally Posted by Figs View Post
This. They weren't lifted by Magneto, you can tell they actually leaped...and it looked incredibly stupid.

Hard to pick just one fight.

I guess I'll go with Iron Man vs Thor like the majority of you.

Although it doesn't really count as a fight(both people should actually attack to qualify it as a fight), I would have liked to pick Hulk vs Loki.
It did look ridiculous, like a lot of the rest of the movie really.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post

Huh...guess there's just another reason to hate X-Men 3, haha...always thought Magneto raised them up to jump for the longest.
No they all just jumped randomly, it was another stupid thing in a very stupid movie. Its why I never got it when people said about X3 "At least the action was cool!" Not to me it wasnt, it was mostly stupid, the only good one being the scene at Jean's house.

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