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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - Part 10

Originally Posted by EtherMagic View Post
You seem to have much to say? I know what your going through, and not to be rude, but you can be peeved all you want, I have no obligation to you or to anyone to share the pics/info I have, just please be appreciative of the first Pic I posted and we can go from there. I understand you want more, please be patient.

I have a business to take care of along with a woman and 3 children who demand my attention, I'm sorry I can't attend to your wishes on demand.

BTW... I can care less about getting off (laughing at fellow forumers) about anyone wanting more Pics out of me, if I was this way I would have posted this (soon to be "these") pic long ago. Or sold these Pics to a site such as "Nuke the Fridge" a year ago. I'm not like that, I'm not a sell-out.

Have to head out shortly to my restaraunt. I'm not going to put a time-line on when I will post more (will be very soon, I promise, once I get the time to convert these pics), but if you need further evidence if I was on set, you can answer this question for me....???

Apologies if you were offended, but you have to admit that given everything that's taken place on these forums, you can't blame people for being doubtful when a person suddenly comes forward with these things out of the blue, especially with all of the strange visitors that we've had on these threads.

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