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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - Part 10

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Apologies if you were offended, but you have to admit that given everything that's taken place on these forums, you can't blame people for being doubtful when a person suddenly comes forward with these things out of the blue, especially with all of the strange visitors that we've had on these threads.
True... but I'm not a strange visitor, I been here for over 2 years, I'm not here to lie or deceive anyone, I was a Moderator myself for over 3 years on a very populated forum.

With that said, this is why I told you I understand, not a big deal. I willl be posting some more pics shortly (I have no choice, I gave my word ).

BTW... The great thing (and the main reason I wanted everyone to see the Pic I posted) about the pic, is that it puts ZOD on the main battle street in Smallville. The only set pics shown of the battle in Smallville shows Faora and Stick-on-Head-Mocap (and Sups)! Zod was no-where to be seen!

My pic(s) puts Zod in the center of that battle; just think about it, this is exremely significant! You all know now that Zod is still alive during this battle and in the center of the Smallville fight! Many questions about time-lines come from just this one pic.

More to come BTW, I have a great Pic of Snyder, can't wait to post it for you guys

Gotta gooo, running late

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