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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by DrexBat21 View Post
If that's true and the seller only gets 1 bid and eBay takes their 11% cut, does he even break even? Nice to see it showing up though....
He emailed me back and let me know he paid $45 (haha he's asking $80 after shipping.) My store still was a no go, "we only got the movie trilogy in, no action figures". So tonight once he's home from work he said he'd give me the UPC, because that's what we need. We go in or call with that and they should be able to tell us if they have them in the back and when they'll be stocked. But yes $45 for it, about $48-49 after tax, and as soon as he messages me tonight with the UPC I will post it on here.

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