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Default Re: Avengers Alliance

Originally Posted by Bim View Post
Yeah, i got 20 isos today, at least that's something. But i gotta go on an epic run for mission 3, so i'm still gonna be short since we can only accept 50 gifts per day It should be 50 every hour at least, geesh.
Got 10 Gold again and immediately bought more lockboxes. Didn't get anything great, mainly consumables, ISO crystals, and a Teleological Suspender.

That's how the game is on Playdom's site (50 per hour). The only reason we're limited to 50 a day on FB is because that their gifting limit and anything over that, they consider it spamming. Playdom could easily address this by making each UIso gift worth like 2 or 5 UIso, instead of just 1. Still wouldn't equal what you get on Playdom, but definitely would make things a touch easier.

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