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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 2

Originally Posted by Super Kal View Post
back in the 90's, when the "neo-medieval" Krypton was being used int he Abrams script, not to mention Ty-Zor, and the crazy suit design... many posters here on SHH have already noticed many similar distinctions between the past productions and this production.
a lot of these concepts were leaked, and the fans hated them, and thats a big reason why it never got made. why do i bring this up? because those same fans who hated it so much in the 90's are now rejoicing over it today... personally, i see that as hypocrisy. people hated to see what Jon Peters did to the Superman movie franchise, and yet many of his designs are very obvious in this movie- i find it ridiculous to call this movie new.
It was actually early 2000s, not '90s.

I myself have pointed out how similar the designs are from Flyby, but I wasn't negative about it. I don't know what was said, but for me, those designs were fine; actually, they're great. Now, I don't think they're using all of them, in fact, I think they're recreating them at best, but creating new ideas for Jor-El and Zod for example. Heck, even Superman's suit in MOS wasn't the suit in Flyby. So, if they're reusing or using the designs to create new ones, it's not a big deal (for me). Those were cool, and I was wishing they'd be seen on screen, but as what-if drawings.

Besides, two things: 1) the only problem I had with Flyby (which, btw, had two drafts and draft 2 was not only going to be the movie, but was better than draft 1) was Krypton existing in THAT movie. That should've been saved for the sequels. And 2) looking like them, influenced by them, etc: it's not been confirmed. Maybe the book will reveal that reason, or their thoughts that led to the (same) neo-medieval look. But regardless, this isn't something to cry about.

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