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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

xeno000 sticks to his own lies. I deal in actual facts and the truth unlike xeno000. Bleeding Cool is Bleeding Cool. They are a news outlet. They aren't Disney XD or Marvel. So Xeno000 until you actually care to bring in some actual facts or data, you have absolutely nothing.

Last June, what happened around the time Quesda made the tweet. Oh let's see, the seasons for Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers started TWO MONTHS BEFORE in April. When did the season end for Avengers in 2012? NOVEMBER! The last episode was shown in November. So wow they couldn't calculate the overall 2012 numbers and release them until now. That Tweet is not a lie and is a non-factor at this point.

What was the number one movie of all time until Avatar? Titanic. Does that mean Titanic was never the number one movie? Give me a break.

You guys act like DCA and CN are so perfect, look at what is happening with Young Justice and Green Lantern. They pulled them without any notice at all last September just after the new seasons started. Then the shows just got cancelled after two seasons. You got 46 episodes for Young Justice and 26 for Green Lantern. Shows get very good ratings, but guess what? Young Justice toy line and comic series got cancelled. No merchandise support no cartoon. Bye bye Young Justice.

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