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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
But the thing you gotta understand Elizah, is that these are all people who have read comics, for a long time. A lot longer than you have. The MCU, and films didn't introduce them into comics, so in general, even though you are a fan, a lot of hard core comic book readers do know a lot more about the character than you do, or anyone else who started getting into it recently. They have read 50+ years of characterization in the source material going for them. And haven't read up about them cause they are fan. They've read all the source material. Again, yes, mcu and 616 are different, but he's not THAT different, and the film version is based on the comic book Loki...based on qualities that place him solidly in the top 10 marvel villains, as many lists say. It's just a different take on his 616 version. But qualities of his 616 are still there.
Not picking a fight here with you (since you, jaqua99, specifically wanted to drop this henceforth) or anyone else; it's difficult to say someone is dead wrong (though I have, god forbid, once or twice felt like I wanted to use Thor's hammer on someone because they were so incomprehensibly wrong - in another time and place), it happens, but mostly it's just us, all of us, viewing things with what we bring with us in to a fandom, every experience and the culture we grew up with. It's not just how long someone has been part of this particular pop culture, though some will inevitably feel they own something a bit more than those who haven't been around that long. However, for something to live on it has to constantly bring new people aboard, or it will die. New people means new influx of opinions and ideas, ever changing a phenomenon, because those producing these things will adapt their product to the present. It's just the way it is. Life really.

Just... chill. And I'm talking in general here. K?

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