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Default A week on a movie set

Click link for the other days with Thor and Sif and others

Day 5: Beam me up scotty! Wrong film I know but Iím tired, knackered, filthy dirty (not in a way Iíd prefer!) & my eyes are really sore. Bearing in mind Iím a trader, Iím actually concerned about my eyes as they are the tools of my trade really. That said, it was a fairly easy going day today with Ray Stevenson & Zachary Levi appearing on set with me, or is that vice versa?Ö So cut to the afternoon & Iím being held prisoner by Ray Stevenson ready to be transported back to Asgard. (Spolier:Itís not real). Next to me Zachary is on his horse which on this particular day is deciding to play up. Not good when my head is in direct path of its hoof. Iím officially scared. To be honest, I think heís a bit worried too but still manages to pull off a perfect English accent whilst laughing at my predicament. Iím thinking if that horse hoofs me in the head then Iíll be going to my own version of Asgard & not coming back! Fortunately he managed to control his horse & quite admirably as well it must be said. As Iím being held hostage by Ray, it turns out he has nothing to eat & his character is always seen as eatingÖ big problem as catering as gone home! Damon to the rescue as I produce my apple I had hidden in my ammo pouches & voila, if it makes the final cut I have my mark on a major film! fingers crossed. So if you see Ray chomping an apple whilst waiting to transport us intergalactic warriors to asgard then you know where it came from! PS Iím the one in the helmet that looks like a pigs face! Ė Very distinctive.
Had a great catchup with Zachary afterwards -top bloke!

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