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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by Idun View Post
Not picking a fight here with you (since you, jaqua99, specifically wanted to drop this henceforth) or anyone else; it's difficult to say someone is dead wrong (though I have, god forbid, once or twice felt like I wanted to use Thor's hammer on someone because they were so incomprehensibly wrong - in another time and place), it happens, but mostly it's just us, all of us, viewing things with what we bring with us in to a fandom, every experience and the culture we grew up with. It's not just how long someone has been part of this particular pop culture, though some will inevitably feel they own something a bit more than those who haven't been around that long. However, for something to live on it has to constantly bring new people aboard, or it will die. New people means new influx of opinions and ideas, ever changing a phenomenon, because those producing these things will adapt their product to the present. It's just the way it is. Life really.

Just... chill. And I'm talking in general here. K?
yes lol. But my point is once again missed. I am not saying you or her is wrong, as for my comment for "how long someone may be into it, with the source material stuff", you missunderstood my point as well. I didn't explain it. My point was simply that the perspective from a long time comic book fan is totally different. And you got to understand that like music, and any type of pop culture media, things DO change, yes I know, but the originality always has an influence. Essentially, Loki won't be getting a revamp, aspects of his 616 will still be there.

there will ALWAYS be a part of the 616 character in any character, and regardless of the coming change which there will be, there WILL be a part of the character we all know from the 616 in there, because that's where the source material was from. That was my point lol Yes, there will be some changes, and new takes on characters, but the gist of a character will still stay true to the source material. My point is that of all the people who have read it, they KNOW of the character from source material. And relate currently to source material. My point, is that what comes to mind first is different. Loki, for you, probably is the MCU loki, cause that's what you were introduced to. Where as a lot of others, it was the source material that MCU loki was based off of.

Yes, I know how pop culture changes, Like music for instantance, rock music. Has taken a change from older music. However, it's all still there. Rock drummers, different than what it was back in the day. But just about 90% of rock drummers today, whether it be intentional or not, ALL have influence from John Bonham in their playing. New spin on music, however the original creator still has a MASSIVE influence on it today.

I know loki will have some new qualities, as you have said, and different aspects to the character, but at the end of the day, he is still..Loki. The point was, regardless of how people are introduced, and the changing pop culture, there will ALWAYS be a version of the original there, whether it be a different take, or what..there source material will still be there.

I am not attacking you by saying people know more, it's just the circumstance, and perspective. didn't mean for it to sound agressive, but the point I was trying to make is that Loki, to all of us is this character. That's how we see him. Whether it be the slight modification in the MCU, or just the name, that's how we see Loki, and marvel studios know that's how comic book fans see this character. So while you say the character is different, you have to understand, it's not as simple for all of us, because that's 50+ years of qualities and motives of a character that we grew to know, just erased. Marvel studios won't do that. That's a fact. They WILL do what they've continued to do. Not MAKE a new Loki, just add a different take on the 616 version, because THATS Loki. That's how it is with any other character as well. Whatever takes they make for a character, it will STILL stay true, to some extent, to the source material. Understandable how my wording wasn't plesant, but that's what I meant, and That was my point

with that being said, there is something I would like to see out of Loki, which I will adress in my next post

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