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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Amazing World of Gumball? Have you actually watched that show.

Guess what Mr. Dent. Young Justice just got cancelled. It got less episodes than The Avengers. Green Lantern? Also cancelled.

So you failed on all counts there.
What? I wasn't talking about their ratings success I was talking about the quality of the shows...and even if I were YJ and GL regularly got better ratings than both EMH and Ultimate if that report of total viewers is true. And yes, it's on CN yada yada yada. If you just mean they got cancelled in general therefor they're not in any better shape than EMH, then your entire post is irrelevant to what I was arguing and you should work on your comprehension skills.

And I see you decided to ignore my other post.

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
You guys act like DCA and CN are so perfect, look at what is happening with Young Justice and Green Lantern. They pulled them without any notice at all last September just after the new seasons started. Then the shows just got cancelled after two seasons. You got 46 episodes for Young Justice and 26 for Green Lantern. Shows get very good ratings, but guess what? Young Justice toy line and comic series got cancelled. No merchandise support no cartoon. Bye bye Young Justice.
No one is arguing that CN is perfect. What I said is that the quality of their shows has been better than Disney XD's by a good bit. I wasn't speaking to any outside factors, only the quality, which all that should matter in this conversation. You're the one trying to make it a Disney XD business practices vs CN out of some weird insecurity you seem to have, which, if you don't work for or own stock in Disney, is just strange.

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