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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

CN is in more homes than Disney XD. It's not a valid comparison.

Bellator gets higher ratings on Spike TV than UFC events that are on Fuel TV. That's because Fuel TV is available in about 30 million homes compared to Spike TV which is in almost 100 million.

What about the quality? Gumball is a goofy comedy show. It's watchable, but it's hardly five star quality TV. It's a cheaply done goofy comedy show with crude animation.

You folks are so burned about Avengers being cancelled and not getting a third season and yet Disney has shown more support for the Marvel brand and shows like Avengers than CN has ever shown for DC Animation and the DC Nation block. Lest you all forget how they pulled the block without any notice and without any reason given last September and then unceremoniously cancelled Green Lantern and Young Justice this year.

Thundercats was another great show, but Cartoon Network dropped it like a bad habit when the toy sales didn't meet their expectations. They buried the show and failed to properly support it after the premiere.

So what if those shows got better ratings? The Young Justice toyline failed and got cancelled. Then CN dropped the show. It's happened time and time again to quality shows that didn't have the merchandise support to back it up. The new He-Man series in 2002. Thundercats. And now Young Justice.]

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Oh please, they obviously cancelled it. Go back and watch the final episodes of the show. The creative team obviously thought they were going to be getting an additional season to bring the series to 64 episodes when production on season 2 began as they set up numerous plots such as Registration Act and Kree/Skrull war but had to change their plans midway because Loeb and Quesada cancelled it. They only want to capitalize off of the movie and don't care about the fans enough to let EMH run its course.
Only 52 episodes were ever ordered and they fulfilled that order. Tons of animated shows end without wrapping everything up with more things that could be told. Transformers G1 comes to mind. The toyline ran its course and there was no more juice to continue the animated show anymore so it just ended with lots of new plot points set up and things unresolved.

Registration Act was referenced but even Josh Fine said they couldn't do something like Civil War in how Civil War was done in the comics.

Transformers: Animated was a popular show with fans and it was cancelled after three seasons and 39 episodes when there was more story to tell. A fourth season was planned before the show got cancelled. And guess what, Hasbro did a brand new Transformers animated series right after that took more cues from the Michael Bay movies. And Prime turned out to be a much better show than Animated. All that really tells me is that fans are spoiled. You got a great show for 52 episodes and there could be another one. There is going to be another brand new Avengers series. Get over it and move on.

The little kids that these shows are aimed at are not going to whine and cry about Avengers Assemble not looking like Earth's Mightiest Heroes and start stupid little petitions and go on message boards talking about boycotts. They are going to sit and see a new Avenger show, think it looks cool, and watch it.

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