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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

Definitely Batman Begins. Although I gave The Dark Knight the same rating (9/10), BB comes out on top because of how well the origin story is done, especially Bruce's journey. I still think the first hour of BB is probably the best of any superhero film.

The Dark Knight excises some of the more cartoony elements of BB (microwave emitter, crappy dialogue), but I don't think it is as emotionally compelling as BB. Nonetheless, it's still a great film and one of the best sequels ever.

The Dark Knight Rises, although a good film, is the weakest of the three - it could have been the best, but it did not live up to its potential. TDKR suffers from lazy storytelling; it relies too much on the first two films to fill in the gaps of its narrative rather than being a stand alone sequel like TDK was. The flashbacks were a good example of this, and I think Bane was pretty underdeveloped. We don't get any strong sense of what his ideology or motivation is, even though some really juicy lines were sprinkled throughout the film. Ra's was developed much better as a villain with a compelling agenda. The siege of Gotham didn't feel like a real siege, and Bane's revolution came up short. And of course, we don't get to see the point of view of Gotham and the full ramifications of the Harvey Dent lie. Despite all of this, however, TDKR still has some of the most iconic scenes in the entire trilogy. For those scenes alone, it is worth watching.

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