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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

1. That Blake's partner is with him when he investigates the dead boy's body that washes up out of the sewer. One flaw of this movie (that epitomizes the BIG FLAWS of this movie) was that Blake's partner becomes a somewhat crucial plot point once he is trapped down in the sewers; he serves to facilitate the audience having an emotional connection to the plight of the police by putting a face and relation to their ordeal.... except.... we the audience DON'T have a connection to him because, we've never seen him before. Except upon rewatch, I realized we did... when he accompanies Blake to investigate the boy's body. But he isn't featured... his one line is off screen and since we hadn't seen him before, we had no reason to LOOK for him.... ridiculous.

2. Blake is the one that "catches" a "distressed" Selina Kyle as she exits the Bar post shoot-out.

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