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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Suffice to say, fans are fans, and fans are good for the franchise, whether they read the comics or not, and whether their opinion of a character is the same as yours or not, that can be extremely subjective. So let's not keep going back and forth about who is right and who is wrong? Because that's only going to make people defensive and angry, and make people at the very least leave the board, if not decide to stop being fans entirely. Any fans are good, so if they have a more hopeful POV about Loki and his future as a character in the MCU, then let them have that, please, because quite frankly without that, for some, they may no longer be fans or on this board at all.

I definitely want to see more power, more magic from Loki that is for sure. It would also allow for much more interesting fights in the films, rather than the old bash em ups we've seen of Loki and Thor the past 2 movies. That is getting tired and repetative at this point (at least IMO). i'm very hopeful of some very different fights for Loki in this one, hopefully involving more magic than just duplicates etc.
god damnit my computer died...

but any fans are great, I have no problem with that.

It's just that when some of the MCU loki fans say things like...he's not gunna be like comic loki..he's just misunderstood...they are changing things from the comics...he's not really evil....when people are saying things like that, I just want them to understand..there is 50+ years of characterization and character motives of a villain, who is regarded as one of marvel's best, not to mention. a total COMPLETE revamp into being..essentially a good guy, to an extent, or a total revamp in general wont happen. They won't do that, they will continue to do what they do..adapt 616 loki into the MCU, and making him more relatable to the audience. He's still the marvel villain Loki Laufeyson...MCU or not, that's who he is. That's who Loki is. That was my point. They can make a character more relatable and more..deep, if you will, but STILL stay true to the 616. that's all my point was.

and I know you understand that. 616 loki is still in there.

and EXACTLY. im a bit weary of a sorceror engaging in physical combat. I would hope for energy blasts, illusions, creating mental scenarios in people's heads, energy shields, "spells" keeping like thor suspended and unable to move, or having that effect o someone. Just more magic

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