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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Had they kept Bane's ORIGINAL voice for the prologue it might have been my favorite opening in the trilogy.

TDK opening is pretty awesome - you have the introduction to the Joker, in a sequence that recalls, but doesn't exactly ripoff Heat. And then after that you get Gordon on the rooftop waiting for Batman to show up. We get shots of some cops and crooks viewing the signal knowing that he just might be out there, ready to strike. And then we get a quick cameo of a pretty sketched out Scarecrow about to make a drug deal with some of Gotham's criminal underworld. After a brief attempt from the "sons of Batman" the real Batman shows up and cleans house like it's just another night on the prowl.

Even though I feel BB and TDKR first Batman scenes are number one and two, I think TDK first Batman appearance is somewhat underrated. I love how Batman moves so quick and efficiently as he takes out the first three thugs. The way he attacks the kneecaps and rams the first thug against the railing is just a pure Batman moment. And even though, logistically, Batman jumping down the ledge and onto the van doesn't make sense - it's damn well awesome.
Yeah, and I like that the robbery scene is followed by another action sequence with Batman. TDK just hits the ground running.

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