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Default Re: What should the title of the reboot be?

Batman: Beneath the Black Mask (as a reference to both Bats and the villain)

and perhaps running with the same theme for sequels:
Batman: Under the Red Hood (a reference to both Jason Todd and the Joker's unveiling)
Batman: Behind the Smile (A reference to Joker, and the Bruce Wayne persona)

(Oh, and I'm sure you can do something with "face" (for Bruce/Clayface/or Joker's cut-off face)!
or Batman: Below the Ice)

and if there's a fourth movie, with a Batman successor -- Batman: Beyond the Limits (as a reference to Batman Beyond obviously, both in name and in meaning (symbols carrying on, past Bruce Wayne)

K, I got carried away.

But I do sincerely like the title "Black Masks", just on its own like that.

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