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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
They had a moment like that in the Thor1 online script, when Loki and Thor are fighting in the observatory. For some reason, they didn't implement it. But maybe we'll see that in Thor2!
of course they got rid of it
that would have been cool

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
but my point is who the hell cares if I or anyone else says that? We can't change what Marvel decides to do with the character. They are going to do what they want, and if they want to develop him in another new direction they WILL do that, if they don't want to do that, they wont. However, I would most certainly never say absolutely they could or would never give a character a major arc changing them either from good guy to bad guy or bad guy to good. I would never presume to say that it's impossible. This is a fictional character, after all, and most certainly not set in stone no matter how many years he's been around. They can do whatever they want with him, some aspects will always be with him sure, the mischievousness, for instance, making wrong choices, complicated plans, extreme measures, selfishness, self pity, all probably.... But per the recent kid Loki comics...

at another point, he explains to Kid Loki "No, change is all I desired. For me to change not you.... if the world will not let one change it's near impossible to do so. With your innocence you reestablished my name. And now I have a chance to be something else..."

I could write more quotes from the Loki's about changing but I dont want to get too spoilery. It really is an amazing read.

what has happened in JIM with Kid Loki and Old Loki is incredibly complicated and interesting and heartbreaking and I can't put into enough words all I feel for that story. It seems that Old Loki wants to change, a fresh start. but unfortunately per usual he uses some pretty terrible methods to go about his new plan for a new Loki. But does he really want to change? And in what ways exactly? And Why? We all have to wait and see I suppose. I have seen some very sincere regret in what I've read of more recent comics Loki though. Could he be lying and i'm being fooled? It's possible. but that's all part of the fun of reading it. It makes it all much harder to predict. And If I want to hope for a better Loki in comics and in MCU, that is MY right to hope for that, because that is my nature to want to hope for people. I haven't read A LOT but most certainly much of what I have read, the more recent stuff, is an pretty strong indicator that Marvel themselves are reinventing how the character has been seen for so many years. Whether it'll all come crashing back down in another terrible complex scheme by Loki is yet to be seen, but I think that you are short changing Marvel and the character by not at least considering that he might change. And what an amazing story or stories it would be if they managed to pull that off! Not to mention, as a fan of Thor I'd think you'd want to see him happy and have is brother back, and no longer his enemy, in both MCU and comics, if that's possible. That would be AMAZING! and quite frankly I HOPE that Marvel has the guts and the talent to tell THOSE stories because that is the kind of story I want to be told. That would truly open things up for Thor stories that are a "new recipe with the same ingredients".

and going back to the quote in the picture there a second. Villains in comics are handled differently than in films. in films as soon as a villain has outstayed his welcome so to speak, meaning, he's done bad things, and then he dies or goes to jail and the hero moves onto the next villain in the next movie. I dont want that for MCU Loki, I want him to stay and be active in these films as long as there are Thor movies. So he MUST change, they can't keep telling the same story in the films, that is ok in comics but it will get stale fast in the movies, if it hasn't already. The relationship between him and Thor MUST change or i fear it will soon be the end of Loki in the MCU.

in the Thor 1 script they did have Loki suspending Thor in the air for part of that fight, while Loki jawed at him, don't know why they didnt keep it.
Technically they *can* do whatever they want. but like I said, to me, and to a lot of people, turning him "good" just doesn't seem like the right thing to do for such an iconic villain, and that's why. But sure, let's not beat a dead horse, back to just discussing Loki,

oh, the picture, obviously Loki doesn't like who he is. He has his moments, and he did in siege as well. But he is still who he is. He's seeming like an anti-villain.. Unlike freakin Kletus Cassidy that psychopath lol but that's why loki is great, and marvel's second best villain behind Thanos

off topic for a second, but it seems like MCU Thanos will probably be pretty damn evil. Through out the 90s, in my eyes anyway, he went through a character change, into what I see as an anti-villain. and has actually aided heroes.

but back to thor 1, I don't understand why they would cut something like that out. That's certainly somwething Loki has been missing. Fan of him or not, you gotta admit, you're tired of seeing him JUST create astral projections. Also, I don't see MCU Loki biting the dust anytime soon

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