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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
off topic for a second, but it seems like MCU Thanos will probably be pretty damn evil. Through out the 90s, in my eyes anyway, he went through a character change, into what I see as an anti-villain. and has actually aided heroes.
Magneto did as well for a time yes? didn't he lead the X men and the school for a time, when I think Xavier was dead.

From an early draft of the Thor 1 script...

I've changed.

So have I.
Loki hits Thor across the face with Gungnir.

Fight me.
He swings Gungnir at Thor again. Thor catches it in his
hand, rears back his hammer as if ready to return the blow,
but instead takes to the air and flies past Loki, back
towards the frozen controls.
Loki spins around, aims Gungnir, and fires a blast which
immobilizes Thor in the air. He hangs there, suspended.

Is the throne really worth what
you've done? What you would

I never wanted the throne. I only
wanted to be your equal. Now fight

With a gesture of Gungnir, he flings Thor to the ground.
Thor rises to his feet, turns to Loki.

I will not fight you, brother.

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