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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Originally Posted by WallCrawler3344 View Post
Hey guys, I've been away for a while, and I apologize for not contributing(or making matters worse lol) I saw this video of a kid, maybe ten years old, who made a WORKING SHOOTER on YouTube... With water. But the prominence is still there. And it was as small as the movie's. It was double-tapped, and I thnk it worked by pressurizing the contents of the shooter(water) as it was coming out, like one of those power washers. So here's what I'm thinking: do that
I also saw Wadaltmon's fluid, I plan on trying it soon. Could you possibly give the proportions of the ingredients? Like, four cups of this, an ounce of that, etc...
Look at the DeviantArt post I posted above.
Also, I want to see this video. Please post the link to this video as soon as you see this.

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