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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

I do agree that TDKR is structurally odd though. I mean, basically the villain wins and the hero loses midway through the movie, and we just kind of have to deal with it for a half hour. I thought it was compelling stuff. It's worlds apart from the pulse pounding second act of TDK. TDK is basically in a constant state of climax from the SWAT chase on. Everything is extremely urgent, and the movie barely lets you catch your breath.

Contrast that with the second act of TDKR, where we take a little breather to discover the backstory of Ra's al Ghul and his child in the pit. It takes a more exotic, almost indulgent turn, but I really appreciated touches like the visual mirrors between young Ra's and Bruce from Begins. It's where the movie really takes on this grander idea of fathers and legacies, tying back to Begins and setting up the ending. I don't think I'd think of TDKR as an epic if not for the second act.

Honestly, my only gripe with the second act is I would have liked to see more Selina. The Gotham POV thing never bothered me much, because I was fully invested in Bruce's story and didn't want any more subplots cutting into that. It did kind of become the Gordon and Blake show though, and I would have liked one additional Selina scene as to not lose track of her in the story. I think people probably would have had less of a problem with her killing Bane if they had shared a meaningful scene together earlier.

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