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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Out of topic, but holy damn I'm sneezing up a ****ing storm right now...

anyways, back on topic, haha...the second act of TDKR was okay. It had me invest only because of Bruce and that's what the film was basically about, a character piece on Bruce Wayne and the "ending" of his journey as Batman. But then during the Gotham scenes, I felt they focused too much on Blake and while I get that with it having to focus on him since he's trying to save Gotham in his own ways as much as Gordon, I would have preferred half the focus to be on Selina and maybe her backtracking on this whole "Storm is coming" ideal and breaking off things with Jen and realizing that she can be a better person which would lead right into helping that kid out with the apple.

I don't mind the idea of there being less of a POV of Gotham City, but I would have have liked these ideas(that are really for the first act and second): the mayor having a press conference talking about Batman's return and how he will be taken in where Gordon and Foley are watching right before Blake enters the hospital room to talk about Daggett's body being found; while Gordon, his men and Miranda/Talia are being sentenced, I would have wanted people to throw stuff at Gordon(I get how the lie and what not quiet down after Gordon went into hiding for months, but this would have been a perfect scenario for the criminals and lower-class Gothamites to voice their opinions).
Allergies, I'm assuming? If so, mine don't start up until early summer, lol.

But yeah, I would have liked more of a reaction to Batman's initial return. I mean, him showing up is a pretty big deal, right? Then after he comes back, he disappears again just when Bane takes over Gotham. Kind of odd, indeed. Perhaps I missed something?

Definitely agree that Gordon should have had a Mea culpa of sorts. It's dealt with in the film, but it is extremely skimmed over for such a vital part of the Dent cover up plot. I think if you take out the bomb subplot, or at least it being a time-bomb; you could have added this type of stuff in.

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