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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

I say do Dick Grayson, aged 14/15. Have the first movie in a new series handle a Robin origin. Maybe a combination of Dick and Jason's comic origins could work in a film. Have Bruce (as Batman) encounter this boy vigilante (a "proto-Robin", wearing his circus tunic over a dark green hoodie, the R would have been for "Richard") who's attacking street thugs who he thinks may be connected to Zucco. Bats tracks Grayson back to a boys home, which he then visits as Bruce Wayne and learns of Dick's past with the circus and the death of Flying Graysons. Bruce sees himself in Grayson, and sees the opportunity to end a cycle of tragedy in the boy's life, keeping him from going over the edge to a life of vengeance and murder. Bruce offers the boy a job at Wayne Manor, whch Dick begrudgingly accepts, not wanting to be a charity case. Bruce reveals his identity to Dick, and offers to train him, and help him finally bring Zucco to justice (I would have Zucco peripherally connected to the story's Big Bad). Dick would choose the name Robin in homage to the old Erol Flynn Robin Hood he enjoyed watching with his father. By the film's end, Bruce would adopt Dick (none of this "ward" ********) and the team of Batman and Robin would be solidified.

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