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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

now that we're basically done,is everyone happy? I mean,are you happy with the figures we got and your collection? while glaring holes remain for me that I've had to fill with customs (Lucius,Bruce Wayne, Watabe Ra;s,LOS Ninja,more Joker Thugs),I'm generally pleased with what we got from the trilogy. we've come a long way from 2008 and only 5 figures with 2 chases. I looked at my figures the other day and said "Yeah,i'm glad i collected these!" . just wish we got maybe 1 more wave of figures we need to fully complete the set. for the record,figures by movie:

Batman Begins:

Ra's Al Ghul
Scarecrow in straightjacket
Lt. Jim Gordon
Prototype Suit Batman
Scarecrow in suit
Demon Hallucination Batman (Chase)

The Dark Knight:

The Joker
Gotham City Thug
Harvey Dent
Batman Final Battle
Joker as Thug
Interrogation Joker
Honor Guard Joker
Unmasked Batman (chase)
Batman Cloth Cape (TRU 3-Pack)

The Dark Knight Rises:

Catwoman (goggles up)
Commissioner Gordon
John Blake
Alfred Pennyworth
Catwoman (goggles down)
Batman (Damaged)
Bane (shirtless)
Bruce to Batman SDCC Exclusive
Unmasked Batman ( TRU Exclusive 3-pack)

EDIT : I didn't include the Begins batman from the 3-pack since we've now found out it's exactly the same release as the previous version. the other 2 have new features to make them somewhat new figures ( TDK - cloth cape. TDKR - new paint job and broken cowl).

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