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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by mikey1974 View Post
now that we're basically done,is everyone happy? I mean,are you happy with the figures we got and your collection? while glaring holes remain for me that I've had to fill with customs (Lucius,Bruce Wayne, Watabe Ra;s,LOS Ninja,more Joker Thugs),I'm generally pleased with what we got from the trilogy. we've come a long way from 2008 and only 5 figures with 2 chases. I looked at my figures the other day and said "Yeah,i'm glad i collected these!" . just wish we got maybe 1 more wave of figures we need to fully complete the set.
Hey Mikey! Long time, no speak.

I am very pleased. I also got the other Ra's (Watabe) even though I think he's an inch shorter. He had a variant too I believe.
But as far as Movie Masters I passed on a few thugs, shirtless Bane, and Dishonor Guard Joker. I got all the other Jokers, the Cats, the Bats, Harvey, Scarecrow, Blake, Bane, and the old fellers (Alfred, Gordon, Ra's).
Thalia, Nurse Joker, and Lucious would make my collection perfect.

Vehicles were tough with that darn Batpod from Target. I got a nice Tumbler from Walmart. The Matchbox and Hot Wheels bikes, planes, and cars are pretty cool too.

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