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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Allergies, I'm assuming? If so, mine don't start up until early summer, lol.

But yeah, I would have liked more of a reaction to Batman's initial return. I mean, him showing up is a pretty big deal, right? Then after he comes back, he disappears again just when Bane takes over Gotham. Kind of odd, indeed. Perhaps I missed something?

Definitely agree that Gordon should have had a Mea culpa of sorts. It's dealt with in the film, but it is extremely skimmed over for such a vital part of the Dent cover up plot. I think if you take out the bomb subplot, or at least it being a time-bomb; you could have added this type of stuff in.
Yah, most likely allergies. It's everytime I go outside to check my mail too...thinking someone has some weeds or flowers that ****s me up outside, haha.

And I think if given more time or given the bomb subplot less time, they could have done that idea with Selina and her straying away from Jen, but the ideas of giving the mayor a press conference about Batman that Gordon and Foley watches from the hospital and people throwing rotten food at Gordon...that could be a total of 20 seconds tops really and still fit in the run time of 2 hrs. and 45 mins. It's a shame as those two scenes would REALLY help the narrative more I think.

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
"Can't they kill me before breakfast?"
It was pretty amazing to see that Bruce is in a prison halfway around the world from Gotham and really adds intrigue to the story of Bruce Wayne before he becomes Batman.

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I totally respect that choice Anno. I love the two prologues myself as pure shots of adrenaline, but the intro of Begins is very captivating. The first time you see it you're just wondering what the hell Bruce Wayne is doing in this prison and it instantly hooks you. I really love how the first scene with Ducard/Ra's sets the tone for not only the movie, but for the entire trilogy.
Imo, one of the best intros of any CBM.

I also like how in every movie, Bruce has a key scene with the film's villain in a prison. What's funny is how in two of those instances, Bruce is the prisoner. And The Joker is completely in control even when he's the prisoner.
Yah, that has been in my head ever since I saw TDKR with the idea of Bruce having conversations with the main villains for each film in a prison or prison-orientated place. And it shows how Joker is the greatest villain to Batman when he's the real one in control in that specific scene.

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