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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
The sad thing is that, looking back over Captain America's comic book history, he hasn't had a really great romance. The relationship between Steve and Peggy in CA: TFA was so much more real and interesting than any he ever had in his book. Steve and Sharon's relationship was always fairly sterile and passionless. The thing with Diamondback was ridiculous and best forgotten. (If Steve is attracted to a bad girl in the MCU, make it the frighteningly sexy Madame Hydra, please.) The best relationship Steve ever had, in terms of realism, was with Bernie, so of course they broke up when it got too serious.

Strangely enough, Steve's most complex and interesting relationships have been with his two best friends, Tony and Sam. Well, maybe that's not so strange since comics are a male-oriented medium. Male bonding just seems to be more natural in comics than love affairs.

I almost wish that the film universe would diverge from the comics in this instance and create an entirely fresh love interest for Steve. At the very least, the writers should try to make Sharon a more interesting, engaging person than she is in the comics.
I think that's exactly what they'll do based on what they did with Peggy.

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