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Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
Spelling corrected, though, you knew what I meant. I never said a person's life wasn't their responsibility nor that their children was the responsibility of the government. You said that low income non skilled people should not have children which is a ridiculous thing to say. We as a progressive society should not be limiting our propagation to a select few. Its the mark of a species moving in th wrong direction. My definition of "rich" is irrelevent and a shifting one based on many factors. I only brought it up, because you equated income and skill level with someone's right to bare children. This goes beyond government and points to a problem with our modern society when we as a species are becoming increasingly depressed and hindering propagation based on money.

Also, your original post completely missed the point of my original post which is that multi-billion dollar corporations should be paying their employees more than scraps. People can't live off scraps. In 700+ years we still have peasants working for fuedal lords. This day and age we just call them corporations. I see a slight problem with that.
I didn't know what you meant by propegation, I had to look it up. Anyway, let me revise my earlier statement...

It is not in one's best interest to take on the responsibility of raising a child if one cannot financially afford to do so. Does that make sense?

If you just entered the workforce and do not have the skills to justify getting payed anything more than the minimum, getting your girlfriend pregnant or whatever the case may be is totally irresponsible.

You say that someone can't live off "scraps" but low paying jobs are for young people who do not have any skills yet, still living with their parents or with a roommate, whatever the case. That's who gets hurt the most by minimum wage increases. If your labor does not warrant an employer investing $9 an hour into you, you can't get hired.

And yeah, I agree we're peasants working for our masters but I don't believe them to be the corporations like Wal-Mart and McDonald's but the big banking institutions.

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