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Originally Posted by Holiday View Post
I didn't know what you meant by propegation, I had to look it up. Anyway, let me revise my earlier statement...

It is not in one's best interest to take on the responsibility of raising a child if one cannot financially afford to do so. Does that make sense?

If you just entered the workforce and do not have the skills to justify getting payed anything more than the minimum, getting your girlfriend pregnant or whatever the case may be is totally irresponsible.

You say that someone can't live off "scraps" but low paying jobs are for young people who do not have any skills yet, still living with their parents or with a roommate, whatever the case. That's who gets hurt the most by minimum wage increases. If your labor does not warrant an employer investing $9 an hour into you, you can't get hired.

And yeah, I agree we're peasants working for our masters but I don't believe them to be the corporations like Wal-Mart and McDonald's but the big banking institutions.
While fast food may be intended for teens and young people I can assure you it is equally filled with middle aged people who dont have the education or ability to compete in the higher job market. And even while living with parents minimum wages at fast food wasnt coming close to covering my bills and weekly necessitates. I cant even imagine what I would have done without any support from the parents. The fact is these minimum wage jobs that screw with your hours so you dont get 40 a week just arent worth a damn anymore to anyone. Yeah maybe highschool students who want some spending money, but any person over 18 isnt going to make it far on a single minimum wage job.

And I agree with you on the banks. Our problems are being caused by multiple factors from the top down.

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