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Default Re: Mysterious Character: The Peter Dinklage Thread

Originally Posted by JP View Post
"It is unknown at this time what character Dinklage would be playing but sources have told Variety it would be the main antagonist."


I hope he's Trask.
More and more I think he Is playing the human villain.Maybe Trask or someone created for film.He Is working on projects against Mutants.He Is target of
Magneto's assassination.Basiclly Instead of having Nixon be target(standing In for Kelly) this character(maybe Trask) Is targetet for death.And Brotherhood wants to do publicly.

So In 2 timeframes the X-Men have 3 things to battle

1:Sentinles In future
2:New Character(or Trask) Involved In antimutant projects for Nixon White House.
3:Brotherhood who learns about these projects and targets new character(or Trask) In retalation.

Remember In x2 just because you had Stryker as main villain didn't mean Magneto was turned Into good guy.

If Peter Dinklage Is playing someone from comics my money Is on Trask.

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