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Default Re: Mysterious Character: The Peter Dinklage Thread

The more I think about It It seems like Bryan Singer Is looking for Irony as well as a great actor(Like Ian Mckellen and Brain Cox) as villain.

To have Peter Dinklage who Is dwarf playing Boliver trask would give great irony.Someone who Is considered different being antimutant and Involved In
antimutant projects would speak to prejudice allegory at heart of X-Men.Plus him design plans for sentinles that are huge when he Is dwarf would also be

In reality Trask was killed In Comics shortly after he was Introduced so casting a dwarf as a character who Is regurly sized In this case Isn't as much a factor.This Is one case where changing character to fit Dinklage(assuming Bryan Isn't going to use CGI to make him look bigger In final film) won't hurt character.

There Is chance Dinklage will have scenes with Jennifer Lawrence If Mystique goes undercover to find out what Is going on In govenment(you just know they will try to find to jennifer appear without blue makeup)

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