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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 3

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Like EVERY X-Men film, we already have the "Who ISN'T in this film?" comments popping up. When will people get over this? It was the same with First Class.
After reports Hayley Atwell wouldn't be In Captain America:The Winter soldier now reports say she will do cameo.Also remember untill Sony released the press release for Amazing Spider-Man 2 Sally Field was never confirmed to be returning.Since the first Class actors are under contract there Is no rush to announce them all coming back.Bryan announced the top Surviing First Class
actors are coming back.

Jason flemyng has hinted he will be back.

Lucas till,Caleb Laundry Jones,and January Jones may not have been announced since with 11 year gap between films Bryan may or may not be recasting those roles.

Angel and Riptide might be dropped.It's unknown If Moira Is In film.

And may I remind people Shawn aAshmore said he had no idea on DOFP and then a few days later Bryan announced his return.

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