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Default X-Men Origins: Wolverine Final Trailer (Help?)

Iím looking for the third (final) trailer from X-Men Origins: Wolverine in Hi-Def (1080).

It looks like Apple trailers took it down and I canít seem to find it anywhere else on the net. I was hoping that some members here save certain trailers to their hard drives as I do.

The third one is the one that starts out with Stryker coming to see Wolverine and Sabretooth in their cell and asking them if they want to join his team.

Apple trailers listed it as Film Clip. I donít know why. Hereís that original page with the dead links for reference.

I was hoping someone who has it could upload it to rapidshare or anywhere else. It doesnít matter.

I know that I had it. Iím thinking I mustíve deleted by accident at some point.

Anybody that could help, Iíd appreciate it.


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